A Magical Beach Maternity Session

Oh what fun this beautiful maternity session was! Despite the fact that it took us four hours to get to our location and I got a speeding ticket I am so happy with how this maternity session turned out!

We were planning this session for two months. My beautiful client wanted somewhere by the beach but also with some beautiful surroundings. Right away I though of Salt Creek Recreation Area. It has clear blue water and a gorgeous island that gives the place an extra magical feel.

There is no cell service at that location so we've decided that it would be best for us to all go together in one car to avoid loosing each other once we got to our location. I order to get there a few hours before sunset we had to leave at a worst possible time during rush hour.

The traffic was horrible, we were stuck in I-5 trying to leave Tacoma for almost two hours. It was a stand still. Finally it got a little better once we got over the bridge and it was smooth sailing from that point on.

As we started getting closer we hit the speed changing zone that was a nightmare. Speed limits would change from 50mph to 25mph every two miles. It was insane. That's where I got the ticket. I should have known better. I saw so many cop cars lurking on the sides of the road.

It must be a very common spot for people to speed because cops were everywhere on that whole road. It was a nightmare.

Finally we got to our destination, and boy was it beautiful. Perfect timing to. The sun wasn't too harsh with just plenty of light to create a beautiful glow.

I love the dress that we picked out. Royal blue with dramatic long trail. It gave way to create very beautiful poses. My favorite is the butterfly one. It gives an illusion of a butterfly, which to me is a perfect metaphor for a pregnant woman about to give birth to a new human being.

This session took place in June, but it was surprisingly chilly. We experienced a very late summer here in Seattle this year, and I was a little disappointed at the temperature. But my client was a great trooper, she got in the water and everything. The pictures came out fantastic.

The only issue I ran during the photo session was the tide was all the way in, which left me with limited room to maneuver in to get good shots. I really wanted to capture the Island in the background (the only reason we drove so far away in the first place) and it took me a while to figure out a perfect place to be able to get the good shots from.

Besides a few surfers, the place was almost isolated. It really felt like we were in another part of the world. You could hear the waves crash and the birds sing, we were in the middle on nowhere and it was wonderful.

The client was absolutely blown away by the pictures. She loved them so much!

If you are interested in booking a magical maternity session that is unique and one of a kind please feel free to CONTACT US

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