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A Magical Snow Maternity Photo Session At Suncadia Cle Elum, WA | Cle Elum Maternity Photographer

So, my little home town experienced a crazy snow storm in January. It was so crazy. A few roofs collapsed from the weight of the snow and some people had to get evacuated due to the danger of entire building falling on them. Our town has declared a state of emergency and we had extra help brought in to help dig everyone out of the snow piles. I have never witnessed such craziness.

Thankfully all the roads were cleared and I was able to do my maternity photo session here in Cle Elum. I always love it when my clients chose Cle Elum as their photo location. It's beautiful all year round. But, this time due to so much snow I was concerned as to how this was going to work out.

All of my favorite areas had snow up to your shoulders! Luckily we have a beautiful resort just a few miles distance. They have to keep all their roads and places clear and accessible for the tourists. Suncadia is located on the edge of a mountain with magnificent views of Cle Elum river. I did a quick drive by and found a few beautiful spots, that I knew would be perfect for this maternity/family session.

At first we met by Swiftwater Cellars, located on Suncadia Resort, where my client changed into her first gown. Then we drove to Suncadia Hotel. Visibility wasn't too great. It was a foggy type of day. I actually loved it, because I feel it added that special fairy tale feel to the pictures.

We did our first gown there and after my client changed into her second gown we walked the grounds and took pictures in all the pretty areas we've found along the way.

If you would like to book a personalized magical maternity session, then feel free to reach out to me to get our maternity pricing guide. Please visit our CONTACT page and fill out a quick form.


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