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Snow Mini Sessions In The Mountains

When: November 26th & 27th

Where: Snoqualmie Pass

It's snowing in the mountains! So, I've decided for the first time to offer Snow Mini Sessions! There is something so magical about snow. I know I usually get tired of it by the end of the season, but boy am I excited about it now!

I never offer mini sessions, so what's different this time? I just wanted to create something beautiful and more affordable for the people. I hear this response all the time " Your photography is beautiful, but we just can't afford it".

Unfortunately due to the insane amount of work that goes into editing of my images I can't lower my packages but I can create something that will benefit both me and my clients.

That's how mini sessions came to mind. I photograph multiple sessions in one day, this saves me gas and time that it takes to get to the locations and my clients get beautiful images that will last them forever. Call it win win if you like.

Anyways, I'm super excited about these and can't wait to create something beautiful!


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