Best Locations For A Photo Shoot Around Seattle Area

I very often get asked on what is a good location for a photoshoot. I get this question so often that I’ve finally decided to write a blog post about all of my favorite spots. I will discuss in detail what they have to offer and when is the best time to shoot in them.

Washington Park Arboretum:

Washington Arboretum is a gem located in the City of Seattle. It’s huge property (it is 230 acres big) is a dream come true for a photographer. It offers a big variety of beautiful scenery to choose from when doing a photosession and is perfect for maternity, family. engagement, and senior photosessions.

Location - Seattle

When - All year round but especially beautiful in Spring when cherry blossoms bloom in March or April and Autumn in October when leaves turn gorgeous colors of yellow, red and orange.

Best days - during the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends.

Kubota Garden:

Kubota Garden is a stunning 20 acre landscape that blends Japanese garden concepts with native Northwest plants. The Gardens are a spectacular setting of hills and valleys, interlaced with streams, waterfalls, ponds, bridges. It’s no wonder this is a favorite with many professional photographers. I love all the little bridges it has to offer and the dramatic landscapes create such magical backdrops for all my photoshoots.

Location - Seattle

When - All year round but especially beautiful in October when japanese maples change colors.

Best days - during the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends

Seward Park:

Seward Park is located on shores of Lake Washington featuring 300 acres of beautiful forest land, a huge lake and flowers.

This is a beautiful location which offers many different varieties for a photoshoot.

Location - Seattle

When - All year round

Best days - During the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends.

Discovery Park:

Discovery Park is a big favorite with professional photographers. The site is one of breathtaking majesty. Situated on Magnolia Bluff overlooking Puget Sound, Discovery Park offers spectacular view of both the Cascade and the Olympic Mountain ranges. The secluded site includes two miles of protected tidal beaches as well as open meadow lands, dramatic sea cliffs, forest groves, active sand dunes, thickets and streams.

Location - Seattle

When - All year round

Best day - During the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends. P.S. parking is not allowed in all good areas. I highly recommend bringing someone who can wait out in the car during the photosession or risk getting a ticket or worse your car towed away.

Coal Creek Falls:

Coal Creek Falls is the only waterfall that is easily reached by walking half a mile and is not too far from Seattle. Located amidst lush green forest it offers beautiful backdrops for a magical photoshoot. You can have your pick of a waterfall, a creek, forest and a cute little bridge. This location has a fairy tale quality to it and is one of my favorites.

Location - Bellevue

When - All year round but if you want the waterfalls it is best during rainy seasons such October - March, after that the falls turn into a tiny trickle.

Best day - During the week. Parking lot and trail can get too crowded with hikers.

Flaming Geyser State Park:

I do a lot of photosessions at Flaming Geyser Park. Its big open fields, a mountain river and tall majestic forest trees offer the most beautiful scenery for photoshoots. My favorite time is in late Spring and early Summer when dandelions just turned white and daisies are taking over big open fields.

Location - Auburn

When - All year round. Most beautiful at the end of May and first two weeks of June. That is when all the daisies are blooming creating a romantic and nostalgic feel for a summer photosession.

What day - Both during the week and weekends are good. During the week there is hardly anyone there

Saltwater State Park:

Saltwater State Park is a cute beach location for a photoshoot. It offers beach grass, driftwood, rocks and a forest nearby. It is especially gorgeous at sunset.

Location - Des Moines

When - All year round

What day - Both during the week and weekends are good. It’s a lot more crowded on weekends but you can still easily find parking.

Rattlesnake Lake:

Rattlesnake Lake is my most popular location with clients. It has so much going for it. First of all it is a lake surrounded by mountains without a house in sight. Second, it is not too far from Seattle. and third it is fairly easy to find parking, even on weekends.

I personally love, love, love this location. I can’t even come up with words to describe how beautiful it is and the fact that it is so close to the city makes this one a favorite for all.

Location - North Bend

When - All year round. Best in the end of September and the whole month of October when the lake is drained and bid tree stumps are surfaces with huge dramatic roots creating a spectacular dramatic landscape.

What day - Both during the week and weekends are good.

Snoqualmie Pass:

What can I say about Snoqualmie Pass but how gorgeous and out of this world this place is. Its beauty is known all over the world and people drive for hours just to witness its magnificence. When I think of Pacific NorthWest I think of Snoqualmie Pass. It has a magnificent mountain range, many big and small lakes and ponds, beautiful green lush forests and it features a gorgeous tall waterfall, aka Franklin Falls.

Due to its many tall evergreens this place is magical all year round. In summer time expect to see thousands of wild flowers and in winter prepare yourself for a beautiful winter wonderland.

Location - Snoqualmie Pass

When - All year round

What day - Depends on a season. Avoid weekends during winter months as skiers, snowboarders and all snow enthusiasts overcrowd the area so badly that you can get stuck in your car for over an hour just trying to pass through.

Tipsoo Lakes:

Another gorgeous, out of this world magical location! At the very end of July and beginning of August you will come close to a gorgeous display of magnificent mountains covered with wild flowers. You may feel as if you stepped into one of Disney’s animation movies and are a part of a Once Upon a Time series.

Location: Pierce County

When: July-October

What day: During the week, during the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends

Ebey’s Landing:

Perched on a bluff overlooking majestic Puget Sound is the unique acreage of Ebey’s Landing. This provides for stunning pictures. There is also a long beach down below with plenty of tall beach grass and driftwood. Creating a perfect scenery for romantic and serene photosessions.

Location - Couplville

When - All year round

What days - During the week, during the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends

Cle Elum:

I am a bit biased when it comes to Cle Elum. I mean, I did decide to move here for a reason.

Cle Elum is also referred to by locals as Heaven on earth, so no surprise here on why this is one of the most beautiful places to have your pictures taken. You have a wide range of scenery to choose from including a big open grass field, a big lake surrounded by snow capped mountains, lush green forests, mountain top overviews, rivers and so much more.

It is gorgeous all year round due to its four seasons, you get fragrant lilacs in many colors, purple, pink, white, cherry blossoms and fresh green buds ready to spring to life soon, while mountains are filled with purple and yellow wild flowers. Summer is green and warm and full of sunshine. Fall is a show off around here, so many ranges of yellows and reds and orange leaves that surround nearby ponds and lakes. Winter turns into a beautiful winter wonderland. I mean there is no bad or ugly time of year here. So it’s alway a safe bet to book your session in Cle Elum.

Location - Cle Elum

When - All year round

What days - any day of the week is perfect

Columbia Gorge Overlook:

This is a beautiful location. Filled with desert plants and rocks this location overlooks the wide, big Columbia River. You may feel as if you are in a wild west movie. Exceptionally gorgeous at sunset.

Location - Quincy

When - All year

What day - Any day is good

Lavender Fields:

It’s lavender fields, need I say more? You have rows of fragrant purple flowers. All lavender fields are located on private farms and you should call ahead to find out when they are open and whether they will allow you to take professional pictures there.I recommend wearing yellow, baby blue, white, cream or green for this location.

Location - Sequim, WA

When - Middle of July

What day - Any day is good

Tulip Fields:

Tulip fields make a beautiful location for photosessions. Skagit Valley has miles and miles of tulip fields in all sorts of different colors. You have red, purple, yellow, orange, white and more. Things to know when planning to do a photoshoot there is to prepare for lots of mud. Tulips are grown in clay soil which can get very slippery and muddy after a day of rain. Since April is a rainy session, chances are you will get lots of mud on your shoes so plan accordingly. Note that tulips only bloom for a few weeks before farmers cut them down. Blooming time varies with weather and you should call ahead to find out whether or not they are in bloom yet.

Location - Skagit Valley

When - Middle of April

What day - Any day is good, it gets really crowded on weekends so plan an extra hour or so when getting there.

Salt Creek Recreation Area:

Salt Creek Recreation Area offers a beautiful scenic beach, cliffs overlooking the ocean, a little island not too far off from the shore and dramatic rocks. Combined all together this is a mesmerizing location for a photosession.

Location - Port Angeles

When - All year round

What day - During the week is best to avoid crowds

Point Defiance Park:

Point Defiance Park is another favorite with many photographers. It has a cute little pond with gold fish, a japanese garden, and a gorgeous flower garden which puts on a spectacular display of flowers in summer time. This place features a lond tunnel with roses blooming all around it. Very magical place for taking pictures.

Location - Tacoma

When - Middle of June - August

What day - During the week, during the week, otherwise it is nearly impossible to find parking on the weekends

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