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Farewell 2018! You've Been So Good To Us!

This is my first end of the year blog post. So much has happened this year that I'm so grateful and thankful for.

Some of my work has been published if four different magazines. One of the pictures was chosen as a cover for a prominent Digital Photography Magazine. I had an article featured about me on one of the most popular photographers website, and six of my images won seven awards!!! Five of the images placed top class in 25 different categories!

Winning contest and getting published has been an extremely gratifying part of this year. But what I'm really happy about are the amazing and wonderful people I got to meet along the way. I got to work with an amazingly talented fashion designer Madison Adrianna Leiren whose dresses are a complete work of art and should be displayed in a museum!

I also got to work with very sweet and beautiful models Maria, Destinee, Danika, Milana, and Kaitlin. And of course all my clients. I had such a pleasure of working with most wonderful people in Washington.

It's going to be hard to top 2018 but if 2019 is anywhere close it will be a great year. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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