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Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Patch Session

This one was actually taken last year, but I didn't have time to post it. So, with Halloween being only a week away, I thought this would make the perfect post.

I spent a whole bunch of money on the boys' outfits at the Gymboree store. I wanted different hats but they didn't have the right size so I settled for these instead. My little one absolutely loved it!

This is a Mosby's Pumpkin Patch located in Auburn, they have all sorts of things for kids to do there, games, a corn maze, fun cutouts to take pix with. I love this location because it gives perfect light around sunset time and has a great depth of field.

We go there every year to support our local farmers, so I was very well aware of how muddy this place can get right after the rain. So, I had to make sure to get there before the rains started, otherwise this wouldn't have worked out. I mean, Mosby's does a great job at keeping it as dry as they can, they bring tons of chip wood, but sometimes event the enormous amount is not enough to conquer the amount of mud after a heavy rain. My middle son is an extreme clean freak, and when he was three years old he had an absolute cry fest when his shoes got muddy at the corn maze.

One thing to know is that my kids have a mom photographer syndrome. THEY HATE HAVING THEIR PICTURES TAKEN!!! Just to do this shoot I had to bribe them with all sorts of candy and toys. This got me about twenty minutes of their time.

My husband helped me a lot. I like to use my zoom 70-200mm, which means I tend to be a bit far away from my subjects. So, it was nice to have my husband to get rid of distracting plants in front of the boys and move the pumpkin closer. He also did a great job at making fart noises to get the boys laughing.

I set the boys down, told them to look at the pumpkin and pretend there was a crow there. A crow is an overlay from Jessica Drossin's overlays, she creates some amazing products. The sky in an overlay from Jesica Drossin's Macabre collection. I only now realize how often I use that collection. I got a whole set on sale with sky, fog, raven and spider web collection, and I find myself using all the time.

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