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Lavender Fields Maternity Session

Ahh, lavender fields. So calming, so beautiful and the purple is so magical. I wanted to do a maternity session here for a long time, and I finally got my chance!

There are dozens of adorable lavender farms near and around Port Angeles area. It is a two and a half hour drive for me, but I couldn't resist doing a maternity session among such beautiful background.

My model, Reshelle, was just as excited as I was about our location. I picked her up along the way, because I don't get good service in most areas and didn't want her not being able to get a hold of me.

She is a beautiful young girl and we had a lot of fun chatting along the way.

I was very worried about the weather. It was raining everywhere except our location. I was very nervous as I started driving to our location. Rain drop after rain drop were hitting my car's windshield, and all I could do was have faith that the weather forecast about a nice sunny day would not let me down.

Alas! It did not disappoint, about a mile away from our location the clouds completely cleared up and we were drenched in warm and bright sunshine. I was so relieved. Now I went into photographer mode, only worrying about the light and the poses and the best background.

I have a flowy white maternity gown and we've decided it would be beautiful against the purple lavender. Such contrast would really make Reshelle stand out.

Once we got to our location it was a bit tricky for the mother to get dressed. She was only a week from her due date and it was not easy trying to balance yourself out and put on a fancy maternity gown. Plus there were tourists around and she felt too exposed. Thank goodness I had a nice big blanket in my car, I was able to hold it around her like a curtain so she could feel comfortable changing.

Once she got changed we began wondering around looking the perfect spot to take pictures at. There were plenty! My only challenge was the sun. It was at a weird angle that kept casting weird shadows. It took me about ten minutes of moving Reshelle from one spot to the other until I finally was satisfied.

We took a lot of pictures. When I came home I was so happy to see that there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from. Once I've decided on my favorite poses, I began creating my magic. I added in the sky onto some of them to add that surreal feel to the pictures, but most of them didn't need much added to them.

The sky in the background was full of moody clouds creating a beautiful backdrop, and the purple lavender added enough magic on its own.

If you are interested in booking a magical maternity session that is unique and one of a kind please feel free to CONTACT US

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