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Maternity Session In Auburn, WA

There is a place in Auburn WA, that has huge open fields, big maple trees and a roaring river cutting through the deep forest.

It is one of my favorite locations and I tend to do a lot of sessions there. Not only is it beautiful and offers versatile backgrounds, it also hardly has any people visiting it. Even on the weekends you can easily find secluded spots to take great pictures in.

I just got a new maternity gown. It is sheer, deep red and has beautiful lace. I couldn't wait to use it and decided that this spot would be perfect to showcase new gorgeous mama, and my new gown.

At first things did not go as planned. On the day of the shoot I got a text from my model telling me her husband was stuck in terrible traffic, (I-5 near Tacoma is awful right now), and that she would be very late.

I didn't want to risk it, we only has so much light to work with, so, we decided to reschedule. I was somewhat relieved. I was tired from a previous session and from having to entertain my boys all the time while they were out of school. I spent that whole evening bing watching Netflix and I loved every minute of it.

I was fully refreshed and was very excited for our maternity session. The weather was perfect. Sunny, and warm enough to get in the water. I couldn't have asked for more!

At first we started off at this tree that had these gorgeous big roots coming out of the earth as if it was trying to escape. It made for a very dramatic surrounding.

Then we moved on to the open field with mountain range as the backdrop. That was a very beautiful place. Because it has so much open space I was able to take lot's of shots with the dress train dramatically flowing as if it was caught in the wind.

After that we've moved down by the river. The rocks were slippery and I had to help Katy get to her spot without slipping. The last thing I need is an injury. I brought big tall water boots for me that had great traction, so it was no problem at all. I wish I could give them to Katy but it would have ruined the whole feel of the picture.

After the river we've decided to call it quits. I got plenty of good pictures and was very happy with how the whole thing turned out. The pictures became a huge success on Instagram and I was happy about that. Instagram is sort of my testing ground. I have a lot of professional photographers as followers and it's nice to know that they recognize my work.

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