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Sherlock Holmes And Dr. Watson Photo Session | Seattle Photographer

As a kid I was a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I still remember spending hours late into the night with a flashlight under my blankets, so my mom wouldn't know I was still awake, reading fun and exhilaration adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I used to drive my little sister crazy!

When I got a request to do a Sherlock Holmes inspired photo session I was more than excited! My client's daughter is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, just like me, and her mom decided to order custom made outfits by Aggie and Francois for this special photo shoot.

Now we had to decide on the perfect location. That was a bit more difficult than expected. My client hoped for a train themed location, but most train stations around here have been closed down and the museums only feature the train station without any train. After doing some research I was able to find a beautiful train station that still had authentic trains on its grounds. When I visited this place I knew it was the perfect fit for our session and contacted my client right away.

Outfits - checked

Location - checked

The only thing left was small accessories to complete our session. My client was able to get a hold of a magnifying glass, a smoking pipe and a vintage globe. I was also hoping to get a hold of some antique suitcases and maps.

That was a bit more difficult. Towards the very day of the session there was no suitcase. I ran to our local small town antique store and found one suitcase that was going to be perfect. After talking to the sales lady and explaining her what I would be using it for she offered me to borrow the suitcase and bring it right back! I couldn't believe it! Talk about trust! I was super grateful, since I had no plans for this after the shoot, and took her up on her offer.

Since we couldn't get a hold of an antique map I ended up purchasing one from the train station's gift shop. It looked too perfect and brand new, so I photoshopped it to look more vintage and beat up, with some burn marks and ripped edges.

As you can see in the pictures there is smoke coming from the pipe. The smoke was photoshopped as well. For one, there is no smoking allowed indoors and obviously I wasn't going to have young children smoke tobacco.

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