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Enchanting Maternity Photo Session At Snoqualmie Pass | Bellevue Photographer

We barely beat the rain for this photo session. Let me tell you something, Snoqualmie Pass, although extremely beautiful, is extremely temperamental weather wise. I have seen the forecast change from rain, to cloudy, to snow, to no rain all within minutes of each other.

This can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to schedule a maternity photo session. I have to wait until the morning of the session and only then can I somewhat predict whether or not we’re gonna make this happen.

On the morning of this session I checked the forecast and all looked good. No rain until 5pm. Plenty of time for us to take pictures and more. Once we got to our destination however the forecast changed to having rain at 3pm. Time for me to hussle.

I was concerned that the client wouldn’t have time for the third gown. I asked her what the two absolute favorites were, to make sure I had time to take plenty of pictures in them. Once that was settled I went straight to work.

Luckily for me it was a cloudy day. Whenever that happens it gives me so many more options for backgrounds. I don’t have to worry about sunlight creating weird shadows and can solely focus on my subjects at hand and their backgrounds. And boy, did we have plenty to work with.

Keechelus Lake at Snoqualmie Pass was still very low, revealing acres of grassy fields and stumps with roots so dramatic, you swear you were in a fairy tale. All this beauty surrounded by giant mountains takes your breath away. My clients absolutely loved it.

The photoshoot was going very well until we got to our second gown. I started to feel some rain drops. I knew I had to work quickly to make sure I can get plenty of beautiful images before the rain comes in full force and ruins my clients hair and make up. It was very difficult. Not for me, but for my client. As the rain started getting stronger she started to get colder. Finally she has had enough. I was concerned whether I had enough good images for final edits, but there was nothing we could do. The rain at this point was at full force and we all had to call it quits.

What some people don’t realize is that a photographer has to take a lot of images just to get that one good one. On top of that, people like to have a variety of poses to choose from. That means I have to take about 1000 images to ensure I have plenty of options for my clients to choose from.

Leaving this photosesson I wasn’t 100% positive I had all the necessary poses and images for my clients. I usually can’t really tell what I have until I upload them onto my computer. The screen on my camera is so small it is impossible to tell which ones turned out good.

Imagine my relief when I got home, uploaded the images, and was able to see that not only did I have plenty to work with, but that they were absolutely magical. I was ecstatic!

These pictures look like they came out of a fairy tale. I’m so in love with them!

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