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{Auburn, WA Newborn Photographer}/Little Anthony

Meet little Anthony! He was born a lot earlier than expected. About three weeks earlier! I prefer to do newborn sessions within first week of them being born. So I was completely shocked when the mother texted me telling me that he was born.

Auburn, Wa Newborn Photographer

I was out of state, down in Oregon, celebrating our eight year anniversary with my husband. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in the middle of the wine tasting town, and the last thing I expected was to hear this. Our anniversary is always a week before Thanksgiving. So, not only I couldn't do the shoot because of our anniversary, but now I had to figure out how to find the time to do the session and prepare our Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully I was able to figure everything out just in time.

Auburn, Wa Newborn Photographer

I like to do newborn sessions at a clients home. Mothers still need a lot of rest during the first month after giving birth and I think it helps them that they don't need to dress up get everything packed and go somewhere to have their baby's picture taken.

Getting to her house proved to be a more difficult task then I would have liked to. I accidentally put the wrong last number of the address and my nav, took me to a dead end, in a very questionable area. Finally I was able to figure out what was wrong and found the right place, but I was about half an hour late.

Thankfully baby Anthony was fully asleep. He was so cute! I love babies. I mean who doesn't?! they have such cute little hands and feet and toes. Too adorable! Photographing them can be pretty tricky though.

I gave mother some instructions to help prepare for a successful session. Warm up the house to 82 degrees and wait to nurse the baby till I arrive. These two simple things are extremely helpful in keeping the baby asleep during the session.

I had no problem with this little cutie. He was out the entire time. The whole session went by so smooth, not only I was able to get shots I wanted but I was also able to mess around with some new ideas and options, which came out pretty good.

By the end of the session both me and the mother were sweating to death, but it was all worth it. The pictures came out absolutely adorable and I can't imaging getting a much better outcome.

I used my trusted Canon 5d Mark iii camera, and my Canon 50mm 1.2 lens. They perform very well in low light conditions and a 50 mm is great for working indoors.

I found a nice spot by the big window. Light is one of the most important factors in good photography, so it's always important to find the best spot in the house with the most light. I asked mom to turn of the ceiling light as it was adding unnatural light.

Editting newborns is one of the easiest and fastest processes for me. Most babies have perfect skin. The only thing to watch out for is their feet and hands. Their circulation isn't working perfect yet, so they tend to be more blue than the rest of the body. And once in a while you will get a little jaundice skin, very typical for infants, but very easy to fix.

Newborn sessions are the only ones for me when the session is harder than the post processing. But if you like babies it can be a very enjoyable experience.

Please visit our Children Gallery to see more pictures.

If you would like to schedule a newborn session please e-mail us at

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