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{North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer}/ Magical Maternity Session By Rattlesnake Lake

I think I found my favorite location to shoot at. Rattlesnake Lake is absolutely gorgeous! I can't get over how magical this place is. I've been here many times and every time it has something new to offer.

North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer

When I showed this location to my maternity client she got very excited about how beautiful it is. Now that the location was figured out, we had to decide on the outfits. We've already picked a beautiful royal blue maternity gown from Sewtrendy. Now we just had to decide on the dresses for the girls.

North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer

I thought that the girls should wear matching dresses, but the mother was worried that it would blend in too much and wouldn't look good. As a photographer and an artist I knew that it would be hard trying to tie in different colors to create harmony in the pictures. Finally I was able to assure the mother that matching dresses is the way to go. We found two beautiful dresses online for a very reasonable price and ordered them right away.

North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer

I had an assistant help me during this session. I pretty much always have an assistant. It makes things go so much smoother and faster. I knew I would need a lot of help with the dress and to keep girls occupied while I did the session with just the mother.

North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer

This was a cold day! I was in the same location just a week ago and it was so nice. Amazing a difference just one week can make. I warned the client to bring warm jackets for everyone to use in between sessions, and so glad she listened to me. This could have turned out one of the worst sessions otherwise.

Unfortunately the youngest girl was down with a cold and understandably not in the best of moods. She would get hysterical the moment her parents tried to put her down. I had some great images planned out in my head with girls being up on the rock, but had to give that up since the little girl was having non of that.

I've decided to compromise and had the dad hold the little girl while taking some pictures of the whole family. Getting the girl to smile was very hard. She was sick and cold and not happy! Thankfully I had a young assistant who didn't mind jumping and making silly faces.

Finally after what seemed like forever I got a few real smiles. Of course she only smiled when everyone else's expressions were off. I spent almost two days photoshopping everyone together. I had to combine three different images together so that everyone looked their best.

By the time I got decent shots of the whole family the poor mother was freezing. I had to work fast so she could get back in the car and warm up. Working with grown ups is a lot faster. They listen to direction a lot better and it took me about twenty minutes to get all the shots I wanted. I really don't regret not getting more pictures. We were able to get so many good ones.

I love the dramatic effect this maternity gown creates when floating around in the air. And the royal blue color is very eye catching, helping to navigate the eye towards the subject, rather than wondering around the picture.

To see more pictures by Arina Sizemore please visit our Family Gallery.

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