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Snow Maternity Photo Session at Lake Easton | Maternity Photographer

You never know what you're going to get when doing a winter photo session at Lake Easton. I've done quite a few and every single time it has been a very different experience.

Sometimes the snow is too soft and my clients fall knee deep into it, and sometimes it's so icy that they have to hang on for their dear life to not fall.

This photo session was the icy one. I'm so glad I scoped it out the day before and saw how bad it was. Everything was under a sheet of ice. I probably would have been better off offering ice skating photoshoot that day.

Right away I went to the store and bought ice spikes to put on the shoes. I only got a pair, because I've never used them before. The next day I gave one to my client and used the other one myself. My client's poor husband was out of luck, but he managed all right. Still, we all had to walk like penguins to avoid falling down.

The photoshoot itself went really well. It wasn't raining and it wasn't windy, two of the things that are a pain to work with during the photoshoot so, I was happy about that.

The initial plan was to wear two gowns, but it got too cold and we ended up using only one. Still the pictures came out absolutely magical!

I had so much fun during this shoot. The two dogs were so funny. At times I felt as I was in a comedy sitcom. One dog would get caught up in the puffy skirt while the other was trying to get to play fetch with me. And of course, there were many, many photobombs from both doggies. It makes me laugh just to think about it.

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