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A Maternity Photo Session at Suncadia Resort and Cle Elum Lake

A recent maternity photo session took place at two very different locations - Suncadia Resort and Cle Elum Lake. For the first session, the clients were a woman, her son and her husband, and they decided to dress in bold, eye-catching colors. The woman wore a fuchsia hand-made gown while her son and husband complemented her choice in black suits.

The first location, Suncadia Resort, had a stunning view of the surrounding mountains, although the weather was very windy and much brighter than the second location.

Cle Elum Lake was very cold but held its own unique beauty, freezing in the stillness of the environment. The mountains were topped with snow and the lake was captivating turquoise color. The woman changed into a royal blue hand-made gown, while her son and husband changed into creamy knitted sweaters to keep warm. Despite the cold, the photo session proved to be a huge success with stunning shots of the family’s special moment.

The maternity photo session at Suncadia Resort and Cle Elum Lake was a unique experience for all involved. From the bold colors of the first session to the warmth from the knitted sweaters at the second, the clients will never forget their once in a lifetime experience.

Book your unforgettable maternity photo session today and capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Contact us now to get started.


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