Fun Family Photo Session In Cle Elum

My beautiful friend came to visit all the way from California. I haven't seen her and her family in ages and was super excited to see them all. They were doing a road trip and decided to stop by along the way.

Of course being a photographer I wanted to do a fun photo session with them all. They were all up for it, except there was one problem, they didn't have anything photo worthy to wear. They weren't expecting to do a fancy photoshoot and all they had was their hiking attire. I had to rummage through my closet and finally we were able to put some outfits together.

We had to move super fast. Earlier in the day we went on a beautiful waterfall hike and everyone was super hungry, and we were loosing sunlight as well.

There is a really nice open field ten minutes away from my place and it was beautiful and lush green at this time. That is where I've decided to take their pictures. My friend's wine red dress would look perfect against lush greenery.

We got there just in time. Sun began going down and I only had about half an hour left to take their pictures. We had a lot of fun and I really like how the pictures came out.

At one point we came a little too close to an Osprey nest and the mama Osprey was not very happy about it. She was flying over us making distressed noises. We got out of there fast so she wouldn't have to stress out.

Finally we were done and came home to gorge on tons of Mexican food we ordered from a local restaurant. This was a good day.

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