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Daisy Fields Mini Sessions 2024

Daisy fields are finally in full bloom! And I'm so excited to offer mini sessions to help you capture this beautiful scenery in your life that you will cherish forever. I'm going to bring a cute little red wagon which I will fill lots and lots of daisies!!! This is gowing to be an affair to remember! I'm really excited about it!

Daisy Mini Photography Sessions are perfect for anyone looking to capture precious moments in a unique and intimate setting. Families seeking to freeze moments of joy and togetherness, couples desiring romantic and candid portraits, and individuals wanting personalized and high-quality images can all benefit from these sessions.

What Should You Wear?

Yellow, greens, blues, tan, white, reds those will all look absolutely stunning. I would try to color coordinate with the whole family. Pay close attention to shoes. You can wear nice sandals or nice dress shoes. If you want to add a little extra funk, try pairing pretty summer clothing with nice hiking boots. Don't forget about accesorries! Summer hats and summer shawls can add a lot to the feel of the pictures.

When & Where Will The Mini Photo Sessions Take Place?

Daisy minis will be available May 31st and June 7th. Both dates are on Fridays to avoid crowds, that way we can really get into it and have lots of fun! Mini Sessions will take place in Auburn, WA

How Long Will The Mini Session Last?

Each mini session is 20 minutes long. I highly recommend you arrive at least 20 mintes early to help get everyone settled in. Each session will start at the exact time it was booked for.

How Many Images Will I Get?

You will get 3 fine art digital images. You will recieve an online gallery with unedited poses to choose your final 3 images from. You will have an option to purchase additional images.

When Will I Get My Images?

Online unedited digital poses will be available within 5 days for viewing. Final edited images will be delivired on the first come first serve bases and can take anywhere from one to three weeks after you have chosen your favorites. It all depends on how soon you choose your favorites and pay the invoice. No images will be delivered or worked on untill all of the invoices have been paid.

What If It Rains?

The mini sessions will have to be rescheduled for a nicer day.

How Much Are These Daisy Mini Sessions?

$299 Each ( this does not include tax)

20 Minute Session

3 Digital Fine Art Images

$49 Non Refundable Deposit Is Due At Time Of Booking

Thank You For Visiting!


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