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Capturing the Magic of Maternity at Snoqualmie Pass

It was a truly gorgeous day when I had the chance to take maternity pictures of my client and her husband in the snow at Snoqualmie Pass. I couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of awe at being able to witness and capture this magical moment in my client’s life.

As we arrived at the pass, we were treated to views of mountains covered in snow and the surrounding foothills covered in a pristine blanket of white. Set against a moody blue sky, it was a beautiful sight. We felt especially lucky as the area had recently been graced with snowfall, creating perfect conditions for capturing amazing photos.

We decided to start the shoot along the edge of a snow-covered meadow. With the sun still low in the sky, the light cast a soft, golden glow on the landscape, reflecting off the snow and giving my client a beautiful radiance. To make the shot even more special, we chose a spot where a few trees had received a light dusting of powdery snow.

My client was also a beautiful part of the scene as she was dressed in a stylish long-sleeved deep lilac dress. She and her husband looked so natural and happy in their winterland setting. As I worked to capture their images, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for having been a part of such a special moment.

When it was all said and done, we had created a gorgeous collection of photos from what was a truly stunning day. The snow had provided a magical backdrop for my client’s maternity shoot and as I looked out at the majestic landscape of Snoqualmie Pass, I couldn’t help but feel blessed for being able to witness and document such a beautiful moment in time.

Book your unforgettable maternity photo session today and capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Contact us now to get started.


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