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Beach Maternity Session In Seattle | Seattle Maternity Photographer

This was a magical session. January is a very cold month, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad at all. My clients chose Discovery Park for their location. I love how beautiful Discovery Park is. It can get pretty busy on weekends and there is available parking by the beach, so you have to have someone drop you off if you want to do a session there.

Enjoy the pix. Schedule your maternity session with Arina today.

Due to Covid the visitor center has been closed for a few years now. This makes it impossible to get a parking permit by the beach. Usually my clients have to bring a friend to drop us off and pick us up when we're done. Some of my clients risk it and park anyways without the permit. No one has gotten a ticket yet, but one time it was really close. We left right as the parking enforcer came down and started writing out violation tickets.

The session itself was a lot of fun. My clients were so easy going and I was getting a lot of good poses real fast. They are such a sweet couple. I'm super happy for their new addition to their family.

I did make a total fool of myself during the session. As I was walking backwards I tripped over one of the rocks and being the photographer that I am, trying to keep my camera safe, I totally took a dive and crashed on the ground. So embarrassing. We had a good laugh afterwards.

Now looking at these pictures it was all worth it. They all came out so magical and dramatic. Every time I do a session, I think, this is my favorite, this is it, but then comes the next one, and the next, and they all turn into my favorites. Each one brings a new opportunity to create something special and unique. I love the versatility that it offer. I get bored really easy so it's nice to have a variety in what you do.

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