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A Gorgeous Maternity Photo Session At Kubota Gardens | Seattle Photographer

I love Kubota Gardens for photo sessions. It offers such wide variety for background. You have cute little bridges, well trimmed trails, forests, open fields, flowers and so much more. It's a photographer's dream come true.

One set back is its popularity. Because the parking is so small, the only good time to go there is during the weekdays when it's not so busy.

This maternity session turned out so magical! There was rain in the forecast and I was really concerned if we would have enough time to do all of the gowns that my client has chosen. But, we got really lucky and were able to finish all our shots. And what do you know, as soon as I got in my car it started raining! Talk about luck! Woo hoo!

The day had very heave overcast. It almost felt like twilight. It's hard to describe what the air felt like. All I can say is that it felt electric. This gave a different almost a metallic feel to these pictures. Making them extra magical in my opinion.

To schedule your magical maternity photo session visit our CONTACT page and fill out a quick form to get our pricing guide.


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