Little Girl In A Red Dress Photo Session

Meet Ava, a sweet little girl who looks absolutely stunning in this handmade dress by Innie Minnie Closet.

She is only two years old and I got a lot of exercise chasing her around Washington Arboretum Park taking pictures.

Although cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom, I've decided that yellow daffodils would make a better compliment to this beautiful red dress. And Ava's interaction with daffodils was absolutely adorable.

That's what I love about little kids. You can't really tell them what to do. Every single picture is a true representation of their personality. It is so natural and real. I love it!

It was a chilly morning and we had to take a lot of breaks to give her time to warm up. I myself can't stand being cold and always want to make sure that no one else has to suffer. Even if that means that it takes me twice as long to finish a session I always make sure that everyone is comfortable during the shoot.

Ava was so curious. She wanted to investigate every single flower that was around her. Me and her mom got a nice work out chasing her around the park.

Little Girl Photo Session In Washington Arboretum

We started this session around 9 am to get good light. Washington Arboretum gets very crowded and it's tough to find parking if you show up anytime after 10am. This was also the season for cherry blossoms which brings in even more people, so I wanted to make sure could beat the crowd.

It wasn't too bad when we got there. There were already people showing up, walking around the gardens, but they weren't getting in our way. So, everything worked out great.

I really love how delicate and gentle these pictures turned out.

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