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Magical Senior Session By The Lake | Snowqualmie Pass Photographer

This senior session was amazing!!! My client was such a wonderful young sweet girl. We had an absolute blast, well at least I did, during our photoshoot together.

After our prior meeting together I was able to get a feel on her likes and things she was passionate about, which turned out to be Marine Biology and fantasy. I got really excited because I saw an opportunity to go a little crazier with the photo session then I usually do.

We've decided to do a Lady Of The Lake type of theme, but also take some regular pictures as well. I thought Keechelus Lake up at Snowqualmie Pass would be a perfect location. They drain the lake during late summer all the way into spring which leaves a huge uninhibited valley surrounded by mountains, filled with stumps full of dramatic roots, and beautiful tall green grass.

The plan was to take "normal pictures" in the beginning of the shoot and then move on to the lake for the Lady Of The Lake part of the session.

Everything was going very well. She even brought her adorable guinea pig pet and we were able to take some really cute pictures. When it came to the lake part however, things began to spiral out of control.

It rained the day before our session, and it must have rained really hard because the ground to get to the lake turned into a huge mud bath. I only brought one pair of rain boots for the girl, and all I had on was my sneakers and the mom wasn't doing so great either. There was even a time when the poor girl feel knee deep into the mud.

For sure I thought she would abandon the whole lake idea, but she was such a good sport that we ended up getting really great pictures at the lake. It was right before sunset and the sky was absolutely gorgeous. I was in complete aww of how beautiful it was, but I also had to be very careful at the risk of falling deep into mud.

Finally we were done with the lake and we made it back to the car all three of us full of mud. That's when I realized that something terrible has happened. I lost my one and only car key. I was mortified. It could have been anywhere in the mud and it was already getting dark and we were in the middle of nowhere.

I really was at a total loss. Thankfully mom followed me in her car so at least they could get home. The only thing left to do was to call my husband and have him come pick me up. So, that is what I've decided to do. But mom was so sweet and completely against the idea of leaving me all alone in the middle of nowhere at night. She insisted that they stay and wait with me until my husband came, because there was some van parked right next to us and she didn't want to leave me alone.

I felt terrible, I didn't want to make her wait a whole hour with me, but she refused to leave, finally we came up with an idea of them taking me to a nearby coffee shop, that way I wouldn't have to be alone, so, that's what we did.

The next day I had my son Alex (who just got his license), take me back to the spot in hopes of finding my key. I was armed with a metal detector so it would be easier to find it in the mud.

We almost got killed on the way over-there. It was raining really hard and there was rode construction going on on I-90 and one of the left lanes was coordinated off by huge plastic red cones. Well one of them flew off right in front of us forcing a huge semi-truck right next to us to swerve like crazy, then it came back flying right into our car. I think I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.

We pulled over and surprisingly there was absolutely no damage to the car, we were all ok, except I was shaking like crazy. So, we got back in a car and went to the location.

When we finally got there I've noticed that my car was locked, so someone must have found the key and locked it, but now I didn't know where the key went. All of the sudden I see a man emerge from a van. "Is this your car?" he asked. "Yes" I replied. "I found you car key on the ground and locked it up and was waiting for someone to come back" he said back. I just stared at him. I wanted to kiss him! However, I was able to restrain myself and just shook his hand vigorously while thanking him a billion times.

Turns out the key was only a foot away from the car and never even made it to the mud. If it wasn't so dark we probably would have seen it right away. Regardless to say, I was ecstatic! Home we went, me in my car, and my son in his.

If you are interested in booking a personalized senior session feel free to contact me here.

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