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Karate Inspired Senior Session

I wanted to make this Senior session extra special. A client was a personal friend of mine, and I saw this boy grow up right before my eyes. I knew he liked karate a lot and wanted it reflected in his senior session.

"Karate Kid" came to mind right away and I knew the perfect location for this shoot, Saltwater State Park.

There were a few hiccups on the day of shooting. Because we planned the session six months in advance both of us didn't realize that the date we picked was right in the middle of Memorial Day weekend.

When I showed up at our location there were so many people around I began to worry if I would be able to capture any nice shots without others in them.

I was able to find a few secluded spots, but the beach was impossible. There were so many people around. I spent hours in photoshop removing everyone from the background.

Note to self next time don't plan photo session around major Holiday weekends.

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