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{North Bend Family Photographer}/ A family session by Rattlesnake Lake, WA

I love it when my clients take their outfits seriously. I can't stress enough how important it is to wear proper outfits for your session. This family so nailed it. And the results are magical!

North Bend Family Photographer

I was very eager to do this session. Me and the client have been collaborating this shoot back and forth for over a couple of months. First we had to figure out location. The mother wanted something out in the nature by the water. I couldn't think of any place by the water that didn't have any houses and buildings around and was still close enough for my client. After continues searches I've almost given up until I heard about Rattlesnake Lake at North Bend, WA.

North Bend Family Photographer

It was about forty minutes away from me and I've decided to go and check it out with my boys. And boy, am I glad I did! What a beautiful location! This lake is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and trees, completely undeveloped and has tree stumps all over the beach with dramatic roots picking out of the ground. It was my dream location.

I contacted my client right away and was so excited about this new location that I was a little taken a back that she didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. Turns out she was worried it was a little too far and her husband wouldn't be so willing to drive all this way just for a photo-session. Finally they all agreed with me that this was the best spot, and I couldn't be happier.

North Bend Family Photographer

Next we had to figure out the outfits. As I mentioned earlier, outfits is one of the most important aspect of good pictures and it is in finding a great photographer. I din't have to worry much with this client, as she had an amazing taste in style. She sent me a few pictures of some of the outfits she was thinking off, and I knew right there and then that this was going to be an amazingly beautiful session.

North Bend Family Photographer

I was right!

Everything that could go right, did. They were so excited they showed up at a location an hour early! So once I got there we were able to shoot right away.

The mother went all out. Not only did she pick amazing outfits for everyone, she also had her and her daughter's hair and make-up professionally done, and both looked absolutely stunning! I had to make sure that their pictures would be as stunning and amazing as they were.

North Bend Family Photographer

We did lot's of different shots. First I took some of the whole family at a few different locations for a variety in backgrounds. Then I took each individual of the children. Then of each parent with the children and then of just mom and dad.

I always prefer to shoot children first, because they get bores so fast and it's hard to get them to cooperate if you wait too long.

For the boy I brought a beautiful antique boat. Since we were by the lake I thought it would help to set the mood. He was so happy to play with it. I got some amazing pictures of him.

I also knew that the mother really enjoyed my fairy-tale style a lot. That was why she went with me in the first place. So, I've decided to create a few fun images of her with the kids in the cave being guided with the light from the lantern and the butterflies showing them the way.

She was so happy when she saw those images, I think I saw a few tears rolling down her cheeks. No better compliment, than that! And I had such a fun time creating them. All in all, I'm super happy with how the whole thing went.

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