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Senior Girl Photoshoot in Bellevue, WA| Bellevue Senior Photographer

Girls seem to have a special bond with horses. There is something majestic about these big creatures. I myself absolutely love horses and that is why I was so excited when I got to do this photo session.

This was a very delicate photo shoot. The horse was a rescue and was still getting easily spooked in an outdoor environment. My client has been patiently working with her four legged friend for months trying to get it to stay calm and to trust her. What a wonderful person she is!

When I showed up, I witnessed first hand on how much she cared about her horse, and she was extremely aware of its emotional state through out the whole session. The good news was, that the horse liked me, most animals do, so it was very easy for me to capture gorgeous pictures of this special bond that they both shared.

I'm very happy with how these images turned out and I hope you enjoy them as well!


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