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Senior Session At Discovery Park, WA | Seattle Senior Photographer

Another beautiful senior photo session! This time my beautiful client wanted something in the tall wheat grass. I thought a Discovery Park would make a perfect destination due to so many changes of scenery.

Not only it has beautiful tall wheat grass fields that stretch for miles and miles, but it also has the most adorable light house surrounded by beach grass and of course beautiful beach.

This session went extremely well. The light was perfect, the weather was amazing, I couldn't be happier.

We started off at the top of the park with the tall wheat grass. My plan was to spend about a half hour, but the pictures were coming out so perfect that it turned into a whole hour.

Then we took a few under a beautiful maple tree. The ground underneath it was filled with fallen fall leaves and we were able to get some amazing shots.

Finally we moved on to the light house. One issue that I have with Discovery Park is their parking. All public parking is at least a mile away from all the gorgeous locations. I had to ask the girl's mother if she would mind sitting in the car while we were done with the shoot.

We had a lot of fun by the light house and the beach area. We were even approached by two most adorable puppies that I have ever seen. Now I want a puppy!!!

I scheduled the photo session a bit early in case it would be overcast and I wouldn't have to worry about the light, but it was a very bright and sunny day so we had to wait quite a while at the beach for the sun to start going down so I can get nice pictures by the beach without the sky and the ocean being blown out.

I'm so glad we waited, the sunset was amazingly beautiful. We got a lot of great images.

At the end of the shoot I was full of sand and my pants were a bit wet from the water, but it was all worth it.

To schedule a personalized senior session please contact me for more details.

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