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Tulip Photo Session | Skagit Valley, WA

Tulips!!! I mean who doesn't love tulips?! Right?! Well, maybe men. They don't seem to have the same love of flowers as women do. I have to admit that I may love flowers even more than what is considered average. So it's no wonder that I couldn't wait to do this tulip photo session. I've been planning it for over a month.

The weather was not our friend at all this year. We have had record rains. You know it's bad when Seattlelites are starting to complain about the rain. There was no telling on when the tulips will bloom. We had to reschedule this session three times until we finally were able to time it just right.

It was raining the whole time until our scheduled date. So, when we got there it was a huge muddy spectacle. Poor Kaitlin had to dodge mud puddles in high heel sandals while keeping the dress from getting dirty. I lost one of my shoes in the mud. It was a complete mess. But, we drove for two hours to get here and we weren't about to give up so easily. Finally we were able to find a somewhat dry spot and we got to work.

Kaitlin was fantastic! She is a new and an upcoming models and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. She was able to find a way to pose despite the threat of falling in the mud and getting dirty and the whole session took about half an hour to complete.

I love the coral dress she is wearing it speaks Spring to me. And it's so flowy with lot's of layers. It really helped to create some fun pictures.

I've decided that white tulips would be the best color to go with because of how bright her dress was, but now I'm questioning my decision. I'm thinking maybe purple would have been better or even yellow. I still like how these turned out, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing tulip sessions in the near future. It was so muddy. My car was full of dry clay mud the next day, it took me forever to clean everything out.

If you are interested in a Fine Art Session, please contact us via e-mail at

We will be more than happy to book your appointment or answer any questions you may have.

To see more of Arina Sizemore portraits please visit our gallery for more images.

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