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Visiting the Snow Capped Mountains Through Maternity Photography

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful maternity photo session. My clients, were expecting their first child and wanted to document their special moment together. What better way to capture this beautiful stage of their lives than in front of a stunning backdrop?

We chose to take the maternity photos at Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. It is one of the most favored spots for nature lovers, hikers and adventurers due to the sheer magnitude and beauty of the snow capped mountains. For photoshoots, this location is perfect for creating visuals that will take your breath away.

The day of our session was bright and clear, which was perfect for taking advantage of all the natural light. We arrived at the summit and, as expected, the view was breathtaking. The snow capped peaks were a stunning backdrop behind my clients. The bright day was made even brighter from a reflection in the snow.

To dress the part and take full advantage of their location, my client chose a stunning deep lilac gown. This was the right color palette to capture against the snowy backdrop and green pine trees.

Since the scenery was already beautiful, I didn’t need any additional props or decorations. I used the view and my client’s outfits to create uninterrupted backdrops. We took photos utilizing the rustic charm and beauty of nature. I watched my clients bask in the love and beauty of their soon-to-be family of three and captured their pure emotion in every frame.

The photos we created together are simply breathtaking. Seeing my clients against the snow capped mountains and the lush scenery around them was truly a magical sight. The pictures speak volumes about their love, their family and the season of life they were transitioning to.

Book your unforgettable maternity photo session today and capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Contact us now to get started.


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