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Maternity Family Session At Discovery Park | Seattle Maternity Photographer

Discovery Park is a very popular location for beautiful photoshoots. It's not just for portrait photography. This place attracts landscape photographers just as well, due to it's old lighthouse and the perfect light during sunsets.

That is why this place tends to be a little too crowded for my test. I try to avoid doing photo sessions there on weekends as much as possible. But even during the week it tends to get busy especially as it gets closer to sunsets.

Although this is a very beautiful place all of the beautiful spots that would be perfect for photo shoots don't have any parking available. You have to park about a mile away and then walk to your destination. That is not an easy task for my maternity clients.

Whenever I do a session there my clients have to bring a driver willing to drop us off at the light house and wait for the session to be over, which could last sometimes two hours. Some clients risk getting a ticket for improper parking, and I've seen a parking attendant giving those out. But, that is the price one must pay to have beautiful pictures.

For this session my client chose a blush and royal blue gowns. The plan was to do both gowns down by the beach near the lighthouse, but I knew that Blush color would look best against the green. So, we've decided to do the blush dress in the forest part of Discovery Park and I'm so glad we did. Green complimented the dress so well!

Then we moved down to the beach and took beautiful pictures in the Royal Blue gown. The weather was nice. It wasn't hot or cold and thankfully we didn't have too much wind. It was a bit crowded so, I had to remove a lot of people in photoshop from the background but, I'm very happy with how the pictures turned out, and what's more importantly my client absolutely loved all of their pictures!

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