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A Whimsical Family Photo Session | Seattle Family Photographer

I had an absolutely delightful experience capturing and creating this whimsical family photo shoot. It all started as a wonderful surprise celebrating a 10th anniversary. Keeping it a secret and witnessing the moment when the surprise was revealed to the partner only added to the excitement. I get genuinely thrilled whenever I have the opportunity to create unique and extraordinary images, so needless to say, I was beyond excited for this session.

We kicked off the shoot with a creative shot using umbrellas. Our plan was to depict their daughter flying away with an umbrella while her parents desperately tried to hold onto her. However, executing this idea turned out to be quite challenging. The adorable little girl couldn't contain her joy, running around with the umbrella proving too heavy to hold up in the air. Eventually, I decided to have one of her dads hold her in the proper position, and after countless attempts, I had plenty of material to work with. Crafting this flying image alone took me approximately five hours, but the result is absolutely whimsical and entertaining to behold.

All the other images we created during the session were equally enjoyable, albeit easier to accomplish. Some of my personal favorites include the ones where the family is holding tea cups, as if they're having a whimsical tea party, and the shots where they playfully chase bubbles. This family was bursting with energy and had a remarkable willingness to try new things, making it an extraordinarily fun experience for all involved, especially for me.

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