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Large Family Photo Session In Lake Wenatchee | Leavenworth Photographer

I don't get to do extended family photo sessions very often, so this one was really fun! This family of 15 was vacationing in Leavenworth and decided this would be a perfect time to have pictures of all of them together.

The family wanted a beautiful nature scenery and while I know a lot of gorgeous locations around Leavenworth it got tricky figuring out the perfect one, because of how many people were going to be in the pictures.

There is a huge difference between capturing a family of 4 and a family of 15. You need a lot more room to operate and to be able to capture surrounding background as well.

After extensive research and analyzing each possible location I've narrowed it down to Lake Wenatchee State Park. If you've never been here it's an absolutely gorgeous location. Huge lake with a big sandy beach, surrounded by mountains and cute little islands near by. Perfect set up!

One of the set back with this location is how popular it is. When I got there it was super crowded with people picnicking, paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming. I was really concerned that I would have to spend hours photoshopping all these people out.

Thankfully as it started getting closer to our photosesion time, most people began to leave. I guess most of them just wanted to enjoy it during day time, and since my sessions are about couple hours before sunset, that is too late in the evening for most beachgoers.

The family was so sweet. And everyone had such great energy! It was super fun to capture these special moments and I hope they will cherish them for many years to come!


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