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Family Photo Session In Tulip Fields | Bellevue Family Photographer

This was one of the most magical photo sessions ever!!!

Shooting in the tulip fields at Skagit Valley this year was tricky. Usually you can just go there and find a nice field with good light and start shooting. But this year, because of Covid, you had to purchase tickets in advance to insure that you were able to get in. That created many challenges that had to be thought of and overcome.

First problem is guessing when tulips would be in full bloom. Every year tulips bloom at different times due to weather. If it's been a cold one they tend to bloom towards the end of April and if it's been an unusually hot one they bloom early April. Average time is mid April, so we've decided to schedule for mid April and then I had to keep an eye out on the bloom notices on the website. The plan was to reschedule if the blooms were early or not ready yet. My client had to be very flexible and be ready to go at any moment.

Second problem is ordering tickets at the right time. Because blooms are so unpredictable and there were no refunds we had to be 100% sure that we ordered our tickets for the perfect date and time. There were two issues with that. One, tickets were selling out fast and I was very concerned if we would be able to get them on time. Two, we had to hope that the weather would be good for when we purchased our tickets. I think this had to be the most stressful shoot to plan for.

Luckily, once it was certain when tulips would be in full bloom, we were able to order enough tickets. The weather was perfect! Skagit Valley has very unpredictable weather. I've been to tulip fields when it was windy and cold, and when it was scorching hot. You just never know what you're going to get. Also, if it has been raining the day before, then you were going to get a big mud mess on the ground. The mud gets so bad at times, that at one point I lost my boot during one of my shoots. Needless to say, I was extremely happy to find perfect weather and dry ground.

The family I was shooting was so sweet and nice. Their children were so adorable. They were very tired from a long drive and it took some time to get some nice pictures. Thankfully I always bring bubbles when shooting with little kids and it totally saved the day! I got some amazing pictures that I'm extremely proud of.

This was a family/fairy tale photo session. The little girl loves fairies so we thought it would be so cute to turn her into a fairy in few of the pictures. Being obsessed with fairies when I was a kid myself, I had a lot of fun creating the fairy tale images.

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