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{North Bend Child Photographer}/A Little Boy With A Boat

I love photographing children. They are so honest in their expressions. You can't tell them what to do. Instead, you have to find other ways of keeping them engaged in the session. One of my tricks is to always bring a prop that will be both interesting to them and look good in the session. I don't show them the prop until I'm ready to do the session to keep them interested longer, so I can get more great pictures.

North Bend Child Photographer

For this shoot I brought an antique sale boat, which I thought would be perfect, since it was by the lake. The little boy loved it! Instead of taking boring pictures like he was told by his parents, he gets to play with a boat! You could see a big smile on his face right away.

With boat being a huge success, I was able to get many good pictures. So I call this session a huge success.

North Bend Child Photographer

Post procession these was barely easy. I already knew where I wanted to go with these images before I even did the session, so it was pretty simple and didn't take too long to work on these images afterwards.

Most kids have really good skin, so I didn't have to spend much time editing there. Some of the harder issues is when you deal with uneven skin tones which wasn't the case here. I was able to add a few artistic touches to create a more magical feeling.

North Bend Child Photographer

I added a few light rays, and in one of the pictures I created a reflection. In one of the images where I had the little guy look out into the distance, I felt like he needed something to look at, so I added in a single fall leaf.

Mother was very happy with all the pictures, she even shed a few tears when I showed them to her. That's what I love. More than anything I want to bring out emotion in my clients when they see their images. That's when I feel like I was able to create something of real value, something that my clients will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

North Bend Child Photographer

I used my wonderful Canon 5d Mark iii camera and my Canon EF 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I love my zoom lens. It allows me to be far away from the subject to allow them to be more themselves, but at the same time I can get great up close shots as well. It also has a great depth-of-field and creates a beautiful blur for up close shots.

Most of these were taking from a very low angle to provide an interesting perspective. I was laying flat on the ground almost during all of my shots. It can get very messy so I always try to wear something that could easily be wiped off afterwards. Although it was very uncomfortable I definitely think it was worth it. All of the pictures came out exactly as I wanted.

If you are interested in a Fine Art Session, please contact me via e-mail at

We will be more than happy to book your appointment or answer any questions you may have.

To see more of Arina Sizemore child portraits please visit our children gallery for more images.

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