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Maternity Session In The Desert Mountains | Cle Elum Maternity Photographer

"A Baby Fills A Place In Your Heart That You Never Knew Was Empty" - AUTHOR UKNOWN

Becoming a mother is one of the most precious most wonderful moments in a woman's life. This gorgeous mama to be wanted something very special to remember it by.

We've decided that Ancient Lakes at Quincy, WA would give us the perfect magical backdrop for her red flowwy maternity gown.

It was quite a drive, but it is getting harder and harder to find beautiful uninhibited places around Seattle that provide the same type of magical and serene feeling in the pictures.

At first we started at Ancient Lakes. This place is a photographer's dream! It has waterfalls, lakes, mountains, beautiful tall grass, and lots and lots of big open space.

You don't get to run into too many people here either, which is always a plus when taking pictures. I was so glad I didn't have to constantly wait for people to pass us by. Only a few hikers and campers crossed our path.

This place is so beautiful, I had a really hard time narrowing down on where we should take the pictures. I didn't want to make this beautiful mama walk to far so, I've decided that we should take most of the pictures up on the big rocks that were rarely easy to get on.

The light, the weather, the surrounding, everything was perfect that day. I took all of the great pictures in under 30minutes. I even surprised myself. My sessions usually last at least an hour, but we were done in half an hour. Everything went our way. I was extremely happy.

As we were driving on the way back I spotted a sign for a view point. It was right as the sun was setting, and I thought to check it out to see if it would another beautiful location for pictures. Boy, was I happy I did so.

The view point was located high above overlooking Columbia River. It took my breath away. I ran back to the car and asked if the mom-to-be wants to take some more pictures. She was more than happy to do so.

We got her dress back on and I started taking pictures as fast as I could before the sun disappeared. These pictures turned out to be my favorite out of the whole session. Lesson learned, always follow your gut. It's always right.

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