{North Bend Family Photographer}/ A family session by Rattlesnake Lake, WA

I love it when my clients take their outfits seriously. I can't stress enough how important it is to wear proper outfits for your session. This family so nailed it. And the results are magical! I was very eager to do this session. Me and the client have been collaborating this shoot back and forth for over a couple of months. First we had to figure out location. The mother wanted something out in the nature by the water. I couldn't think of any place by the water that didn't have any houses and buildings around and was still close enough for my client. After continues searches I've almost given up until I heard about Rattlesnake Lake at North Bend, WA. It was about forty minutes away from me

{North Bend, WA Maternity Photographer}/ Magical Maternity Session By Rattlesnake Lake

I think I found my favorite location to shoot at. Rattlesnake Lake is absolutely gorgeous! I can't get over how magical this place is. I've been here many times and every time it has something new to offer. When I showed this location to my maternity client she got very excited about how beautiful it is. Now that the location was figured out, we had to decide on the outfits. We've already picked a beautiful royal blue maternity gown from Sewtrendy. Now we just had to decide on the dresses for the girls. I thought that the girls should wear matching dresses, but the mother was worried that it would blend in too much and wouldn't look good. As a photographer and an artist I knew that it would

{North Bend Child Photographer}/A Little Boy With A Boat

I love photographing children. They are so honest in their expressions. You can't tell them what to do. Instead, you have to find other ways of keeping them engaged in the session. One of my tricks is to always bring a prop that will be both interesting to them and look good in the session. I don't show them the prop until I'm ready to do the session to keep them interested longer, so I can get more great pictures. For this shoot I brought an antique sale boat, which I thought would be perfect, since it was by the lake. The little boy loved it! Instead of taking boring pictures like he was told by his parents, he gets to play with a boat! You could see a big smile on his face right away. Wit

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